Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How many mollys and swordtails can i have in a 15 gallon tank?

i have a 15 gallon tank with a 20 series aquaclear filter i

What if an adopted dog doesn

I am not one to make hasty choices in life but for some reason the other day I feel in love with a puppy in front of a store that were adopting dogs out. I though about it all day and spoke to my boyfriend about it, came to the conclusion to get the dog. After tracking this dog down the next day I adopted an adorable 10 week old puppy. The guy at the shelter told me that the dog was shy, loved water and was a food hog. The dog is not shy to any one which is great, but when I gave him a bath he was terrified of the water, and when I try to feed him by hand to get his training underway he won

Plz help!! i need to know how to make animals in text! especially cats!!?

animals and mainly cats for this matter out of texting letters and other keys! lol



Supplies need for horses?

Okay sooo I

Why did my female hamster bite me?

My black bear hamster, Riley, has never bit me before, but tonight i took her out of her cage and let her run across my hands for about 3 minutes and it didn

When baby birds leave the nest and learn to fly, do they ever see their parents again?

Particularly barn swallows.
Yes the parents will stay around and still feed them until they learn to be independent. They also teach them all the essential life skills such as hunting for food and to recognise predators.
duh holiday get-togethers!
Yeah, I had a couple of birds live right next to my front door. We saw them grow from eggs to full grown birds. after they flew they came back to the nest a couple times but they left very soon after. Even the parents left the nest after and built is some where else. We still see birds come to our house and we think they might be the ones born here. they seem very comfortable.
if they do see them it does not matter. they just go about their business, they are not like people. they only care about having babies when they leave the nest then they just have more babies.

If you wanna hang with the big dogs you can

Does anyone know any cool sayings? lol im bored,

similar to the one up there.I found that one to be cool and funny